Top 7 Woodbridge Toilets 2022 – Buying Guide & Review

Woodbridge is a popular toilet manufacturer in California. Their toilets combine the latest waste removal technology with unique contemporary designs. Consumers agree that the toilets are easy to clean. They’re also some of the most stylish toilets on the market. We reviewed several of Woodbridge’s top-selling toilets to bring you a detailed and unbiased summary of our four favorites and a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

What Is The Best Woodbridge Toilet to Buy?


Woodbridge T-0008 - Best Woodbridge Toilet (table)


1. Woodbridge T-0008

Best Woodbridge Toilet

  • Dynamic smart bidet
  • Five toilet seat heat settings
  • Uses 1.6 gallons per cleansing siphon
  • Warm air dryer

Woodbridge T-0019 - Best Budget Option (table)


2. Woodbridge T-0019

Best Budget Option

  • Glazed trap for cleaning flushes
  • Quiet-close lid with steel hinges
  • Uses 1-1.6 gallons to clean the bowl
  • Chair-height for enhanced comfort

Woodbridge T-0020 - Best Square Toilet (table)

3. Woodbridge T-0020

Best Square Toilet

  • An easy-to-clean one-piece toilet
  • Covered by a 5-year warranty
  • Meets WaterSense requirements
  • Unique and stylish square shape

Woodbridge T-0001 - Best Aesthetic Improvement (table)

4. Woodbridge T-0001

Best Aesthetic Improvement

  • An easy-to-clean one-piece toilet
  • Rectangular dual flush buttons
  • Meets WaterSense requirements
  • Inexpensive yet stylish Woodbridge design


1. Woodbridge T-0008 – Best Woodbridge Toilet (Editor’s Choice)

Woodbridge’s one-piece bidet-topped toilet is an appealing option for any bathroom. It has a smooth skirted surface. What’s more, it adheres to the EPA’s strict WaterSense regulations while providing excellent hygiene features such as a menu of five-seat temperatures, oscillating spray, and gentle massaging water pulses.

A rectangular siphon trigger is fitted into the tank lid, which offers two unique flush functions, including regular and light siphons. The toilet’s on/off switch is controlled by a safety sensor. The bidet also boasts a self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle and warm air dryer. The bidet water is filtered and the pressure is 100% adjustable.

At 18” in height, the T-0008 is considered a chair-height toilet. If you struggle to sit and stand, you’ll find the extra inches comfortable. Despite its height, this Woodbridge toilet has a low profile. It connects to a traditional floor drain, though it could be easily mistaken for a wall-mounted bowl.

  • Glossy single-piece toilet with a smart bidet
  • A total of five temperature-controlled washes
  • Comfortable air dryer
  • Enhanced height for easier entry/exit
  • Elements are easy to sanitize and wipe down
  • Bidet is covered by a 2-year warranty
  • Difficult to find replacement parts


2. Woodbridge’s T-0019 – Best Budget Option Toilet (People’s Choice)

This square toilet has a great ultramodern look. It boasts a high rectangular tank as well as a large square bowl with matching seat. The trap is fully skirted. Since there are no corners or grooves to trap debris, the bowl is extremely easy to sanitize.

Customers love the look of the 90°angle between the tank and seat cover. This contemporary design looks great in renovated bathrooms. It also pairs well with more traditional elements.

The flush system is fully glazed, quiet, and powerful. Two rectangular flush buttons are located on the tank lid. This toilet boasts two flush functions, including light and regular. The light option uses a single gallon of water to clean the bowl.

The regular function uses 1.6 gallons. This qualifies the T-0019 as a water-conserving toilet. In many areas, this toilet will help homeowners qualify for money-back rebates.

This is one of Woodbridge’s all-in-one packages. It comes with all the essentials as well as stainless steel hinges. All you need is toilet paper. The quiet-close seat is pre-installed and is easily removed for cleaning.

The T-0019 weighs approximately 152 lbs. It’s 31” tall, 28” wide, with an 18” high seat. The seat is extended for enhanced user comfort and safety. It attaches to a standard floor drain for clog-free function. A 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee covers the porcelain components, and a 1-year warranty covers the bowl-cleaning mechanism and soft-close seat.

  • Powerful yet quiet dual flush
  • One-piece skirted design
  • Includes a soft-close seat
  • Durable stainless steel hinge
  • Comes with all installation essentials
  • Chair-height comfort
  • Bottom not flush with the floor


3. Woodbridge T-0020 – Best Square Toilet

If you want a toilet that reduces water waste and provides unmatched comfort, check out the T-0020. This single-piece square toilet is a welcome addition to any contemporary washroom. Its powerful gravity-fueled siphon removes waste with unmatched efficiency. It’s a chair-height bowl and quiet-close seat. The dual flush button is located on the tank lid.

The T-0020 is covered by a 5-year porcelain warranty and meets the EPA’s stringent WaterSense requirements. It comes with several installation essentials, including a high-quality wax ring and a special hand wrench. The seat features durable stainless steel hinges. It can be detached for deep cleaning.

Like many other single-piece toilets, we found it easy to sanitize. This particular model costs just over $300, so we consider it one of the sleeker models in the higher budget range. The cotton white exterior blends well with the other porcelain elements and complements classic and contemporary bathroom features.

  • Unique square shape makes a bold statement in a bathroom
  • Affordable
  • Meets EPA’s WaterSense requirements
  • Covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • May not fit with traditional or classic bathroom styles


4. Woodbridge T-0001 – Best Aesthetic Improvement

This last toilet may look familiar. That’s because the T-0001 features the same bowl as our editor’s pick. That said, this Woodbridge model doesn’t feature a smart bidet, but a soft close seat.

This minor difference reduces the price by hundreds of dollars. However, the silent closure and hygienic stainless steel hinges are far from a downgrade.

This fully skirted toilet is very easy to wipe down. The pure white surface seems to repel mildew for long periods. The glossy china can handle most typical toilet cleaners. The dual flush function offers consistently quiet and efficient cycles. You can officially ditch your plunger when you invest in this quality toilet.

This toilet’s luxurious one-piece base looks great in almost all bathrooms. Many consumers are shocked to see this spa-like design for the price of a conventional toilet.

Like all Woodbridge products, this porcelain component is covered by a 5-year warranty. You will most certainly get endless compliments on your budget-friendly home improvement.
WoodBridge Bath one piect toilet T 0001

  • Rectangular dual flush
  • Easy-to-clean one-piece construction
  • Quiet yet efficient wash cycle
  • Meets EPA’s WaterSense requirements
  • Powerful, quiet siphon
  • All-inclusive package comes with installation elements
  • No bidet

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Woodbridge Toilet

Woodbridge is a 15-year-old company offering consistently sleek, high-performance toilets. There are a few key considerations to make before investing in one of their top-of-the-line models.


The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Woodbridge Toilet - DesignWoodbridge offers several different models, including contemporary, craftsman, and traditional designs.

Most models don’t have sharp corners or depressions. As a result, they put traditional toilets to shame.

Many of their models also feature soft-close seats with durable stainless steel hinges. These seats come pre-installed but are easy to remove.

Woodbridge offers several chair-height models. Raised toilets make it easier or adults to stand up and sit down.

Make sure the toilet you choose is well-suited for a residential bathroom.

Check the toilet’s rough-in to ensure it aligns with your floor drain, and take measurements to ensure the base fits properly. Check the position of the lever to ensure easy access.


Most Woodbridge toilets conserve water. Many of their products even qualify for the WaterSense Program. WaterSense represents products that meet the EPA’s water usage limits. To qualify, a product must use 1.28 gallons of water or less per flush. Many Woodbridge products boast multiple flush settings, which enables users to choose between reduced and regular siphons.

Cleaning Function

We all agree that a powerful siphon is key to an excellent toilet. Woodbridge uses fully glazed flush systems to ensure waste is efficiently removed. Contemporary toilet technologies make it much easier for homeowners to avoid messy clogs and overflows. Manufacturers like Woodbridge excel in making their cleansing functions quieter.


The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Woodbridge Toilet - InstallationMany of Woodbridge’s toilets come as all-in-one packages, which include a seat, wax ring, floor bolts, and instructions. If the toilet you’re buying is floor-mounted, you’ll need to measure the distance from your bathroom wall to the bolts on your existing toilet.

This measurement is called a rough-in. While most toilets have a 12” rough-in, this measurement may vary with older or customized toilets.

Check to see if your Woodbridge toilet comes with a special wrench. Many of the models include a wrench used to tighten bolts in confined spaces.

It not only makes installation easier but could save you an extra trip to the hardware store.

Why Choose Woodbridge

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Woodbridge Toilet - Why Choose WoodbridgeWoodbridge is a relatively young company, as it only opened its doors in 2005. Since then, they’ve consistently wooed consumers with their contemporary bathroom accessories. They’ve leveraged themselves against lesser toilet manufacturers by offering higher-end models for low prices.

Their commitment to water conservation and user comfort is unparalleled. In a world flooded by generic knockoffs, we’re excited to see Woodbridge’s countless cutting-edge models.

Many Woodbridge toilets boast unique dual flush functions. We fully support homeowners wishing to reduce their water consumption. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to save the Earth or your bank account.

Woodbridge’s dual flush mechanism consists o a flush-mounted set of stainless steel buttons. This rectangular control pad is located in the center of their tank lids, eliminating the need for an unsightly lever. Users can choose between two water settings to quietly and discreetly flush waste.


How can I be sure my toilet is going to last?

Since Woodbridge is such a young company, many consumers are hesitant to invest in their products. They’ve countered this undue skepticism by offering a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee with every toilet purchase. Of course, previous customers will tell you that the glazed porcelain is design to last.

Should I invest in a one-piece toilet?

One-piece toilets have a sleek, ultramodern aesthetic. With very few corners and creases, they’re easier to clean. Despite common misconceptions, these products are not excessively heavy. If you have any concerns about transporting or installing your new toilet, we suggest you call a professional plumber.

Do WaterSense toilets actually eliminate waste efficiently?

We understand your concern! How does a toilet that uses less water remove waste more efficiently? Your 1.6-gallon flush function already struggles to remove big messes. Fortunately, companies like Woodbridge combine several technologies to improve flush efficiency.

Should I get a bidet?

You may have noticed that many Woodbridge toilets feature bidets. These wet cleaning functions are significantly more popular throughout Asia and Europe, but they’re also becoming more popular in the US. Science tells us that water-cleansing is more sanitary and eliminates the need for paper.

Final Thoughts

Final ThoughtsWe hope you enjoyed our Woodbridge toilet buyer’s guide. This California-based company creates some of our favorite washroom designs. Despite their high-end looks, these toilets are relatively inexpensive.

Our top pick is Woodbridge’s one-piece T-0008 with the smart bidet. This impressive bathroom device eliminates waste, hygienically cleans and dries, and reduces your water bill.

Could you possibly ask for more? Like most Woodbridge models, it’s good for your home and the environment.

Another amazing offering is Woodbridge’s eye-catching T-0020 commode. This impressive toilet has a square-shaped bowl and seat combo. Replace your outdated toilet with this model to transform your bathroom into a spa. Overall, Woodbridge offers some of the coolest and most functional toilets on the market. We also recommend reading a review of the top toilets.

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