TOTO UltraMax II 2022 Review – Pros & Cons

TOTO has a worldwide reputation for manufacturing quality toilets. The most famous models in the US include the Drake and Ultramax II, which we will be focusing on today. Given TOTO’s focus on quality, any model in their range is a solid choice, guaranteed to please any homeowner.

If you’re not quite ready to make your decision, check out some of our other articles for in-depth reviews of different systems in TOTO’s catalogue.


TOTO UltraMax II - Best Comfort Toilet Packed With Features (table)

TOTO UltraMax II

Best Comfort Toilet Packed With Features

  • Powerful dual cyclone flush
  • Patented SanaGloss coating
  • Sleek One-Piece System
  • Easy cleaning
  • Available in a wide choice of colours


TOTO UltraMax II – Best Comfort Toilet Packed With Features

TOTO first hit the scene in 1917 and today is the worlds largest manufacturer of toilets and other bathroom appliances. TOTO originated in Kitakyushu, Japan, which inspired its focus on cutting edge technology.

It’s most famous invention is the “Washlet”. This toilet puts the comfort of the user at the forefront by incorporating an automatic washing and drying system. If you ever get the chance to visit Japan, you should definitely try this out!

Today we are taking a detailed look at the Ultramax II. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about this wonder of modern toilet systems, as well as our top reasons why you should (or shouldn’t) buy!


The TOTO UltraMax II is a beautiful design that will work nicely in any bathroom. On this model, TOTO has focused heavily on user comfort, with an elongated bowl making it incredibly comfortable to use. This works by distributing the bodyweight of the user over a larger surface area, creating a much more pleasant experience.

The UltraMax also stands at a ‘universal’ height. This is a unique feature in TOTO toilets which focuses on meeting the height requirements of a wide range of people. This is particularly useful in a family situation where users will be of different heights, shapes and sizes.

This toilet is a ‘one-piece’ design, meaning it is sleek and stylish. The silhouette of the UltraMax is flawless, particularly in the whiter, glossier shades. What’s more, is that there are no unsightly joints or gaps which can attract dust.

Technical Details

Item Weight 99 pounds
Product Dimensions28.3 x 16.6 x 28.8 inches
Item model numberMS604114CEFG#11
Size1.28 GPF
Installation MethodFloor Mounted
Water Consumption1.28 GPF
Flush TypeWater Saving Toilets
Warranty DescriptionOne Year Limited Warranty


The TOTO UltraMax II is glazed in a protective coating known as SanaGloss. SanaGloss is an incredibly smooth, polished glaze that prevents the build-up of stains, odours and other bacteria. This coating means that you actually have to clean your toilet less, meaning you need to use fewer harmful chemicals while saving water at the same time.

Given the bathroom is the most used room in the house, your new toilet must be resilient and versatile, and the SanaGloss coating really helps to prolong the life of your new system.

The handle on this toilet is polished chrome, which is elegant and sleek, perfect for contemporary homes.


The UltraMax II has a slim profile but is solidly built. The one-piece design gives this model a much more contemporary feel, which works better in modern bathrooms.

Better still, the UltraMax II comes in a wide variety of colours (discussed below) allowing you to completely customise your toilet to your requirements.


TOTO UltraMax II - ColoursThe UltraMax II comes in various colours, suitable for every type of bathroom. If you choose a colour that isn’t white, it’s essential for it to match the rest of your bathroom.

As of writing, the available colours of the UltraMax II are:

  • Bone is creamy, off white. This is best suited to a more traditional bathroom.
  • Colonial White is a more subtle, caramel shade of white.
  • Cotton white is TOTOs best seller. Glossy and elegant, this model will suit ANY bathroom.
  • Ebony (or black) is challenging to do well, but provided you do a good job can leave your bathroom looking stunning.
  • Sedona Beige is more of stone colour, a shade or two lighter than bone. Best used in bathrooms that are not mainly white.


The flush system on the UltraMax II is where this toilet really shines. The double cyclone flushing system is incredibly powerful, meaning you will rarely have issues with clogs or blockages.

Better still, dual nozzles fixed into the toilet create a centrifugal force on every flush. This powerful action cleans the rim and bowl, reducing any unsightly stains and preventing the build-up of bacteria.

Even though the system only uses 1.28 gallons per flush, it is powerful enough to completely remove the most stubborn of solids.

Despite the strength of the flush, it is surprisingly quiet. We think this makes it an excellent choice for an ensuite or family bathroom, preventing you from waking anyone up during the night.

TOTO Ultramax II Flush

Maintenance and Cleaning

TOTO-UltraMax-II---Maintenance-and-CleaningOne of the benefits of this design is the fact it is just in one piece. When it comes to cleaning, this makes the whole job much more straightforward.

The lack of joints cuts down on the build-up of dirt or grime. With a regular cleaning schedule, you can easily keep your toilet looking as good as new.

With the SanaGloss coating, you will want to take care of which chemicals you choose to use. Take extra care and time when cleaning. A soft brush with a light cleaning fluid is enough to keep your toilet clean and hygienic.

As TOTO is a popular brand, replacement parts are widely available, should anything need replacing in the future.
Water Efficiency

The UltraMax II is WaterSense certified, and at just 1.28 gallons per flush, is a marvel when it comes to water efficiency.

WaterSense certified products are those that use 20% less water than similar performing models, so it is a great addition to have on your toilet.

The only downside is this model doesn’t have a dual-flush installed. This is a missed opportunity to increase the water efficiency of this model.

Ease of Installation

If you are looking to install the UltraMax II yourself, you shouldn’t have any significant issues. The UltraMax II has a standard ‘rough-in’ measurement. This means that if you are replacing an existing toilet, it can usually just slot right in its place due to the pre-drilled holes.

The UltraMax II comes with a complete set of self-installation instructions, but if you are not confident we would suggest hiring a plumber for peace of mind – particularly when dealing with water.

Some customers have reported slight difficulty during installation, so it makes sense to have another pair of hands to help, just in case.

Another added advantage of the one-piece system is that installation is far more straightforward. Being in one piece, no additional bolts or joints are needed, which also reduces the risks of damaging leaks.


TOTO UltraMax II - DurabilityAll TOTO toilets are exceptionally well made. Having been in the business for over 100 years, TOTO certainly knows how to make their toilets durable and hard-wearing.

Provided you maintain a regular maintenance schedule, we don’t see any issue getting many years of use out of this model.

Ensure to use less harsh chemicals with a soft brush to protect the SanaGloss coating to get the maximum lifespan from your toilet.


As with all TOTO toilet models, the UltraMax II comes with a one-year limited warranty. Although this is not the longest warranty on the market, we think one year is enough for the toilet to settle in and for any defects to become apparent.

Any water damage or leakages is usually covered under your separate home insurance policy, so please double-check this for peace of mind.


If the price is one of your major concerns, this may not be the model for you. With the SanaGloss coating, the incredible flushing system and other important features, the UltraMax II can be a little on the expensive side.

Given the length of time, your toilet will last, it’s often worth spending a bit more on something a little more durable and long-lasting. In our opinion, we do feel that the price is justified. Still, if you are working with a smaller budget, we are confident you can find something equivalent in your price range by making a few sacrifices. Why not check out our reviews on some other toilets to see what your money buy.


SummaryThe UltraMax II is a solid choice, and you definitely can’t go wrong if opting for this model. The only downside is that it is on the expensive side, so if you are working with a smaller budget, you may need to consider something with fewer features.

Stand out features are the powerful flush and SanaGloss coating, which make this system a worthwhile investment.

If you haven’t yet made up your mind, why not check out some of our other toilet reviews so ensure you are making the best choice.

  • Comes with a soft- close seat
  • SanaGloss coating making cleaning simple
  • Quiet Flush
  • Contemporary design
  • WaterSense Certified
  • A little on the expensive side
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