TOTO Drake 2022 Review – Pros & Cons

Founded in 1917, TOTO is the worlds largest manufacturer of toilets. Hailing from Kitakyushu, Japan, TOTO is probably most famous for its “Washlet” toilet system. This incredibly unique toilet comes equipped with an automatic washing and drying system for ultimate user comfort.

In the US, TOTO is most known for it’s Drake model which is a solid choice when it comes to a new system for your bathroom. Today we are conducting a thorough review of the popular model, creating the ultimate buyer’s guide.


TOTO Drake - Best powerful toilet at an incredible price point(table)

TOTO Drake

Best powerful toilet at an incredible price point

  • Elongated bowl with comfort seating
  • High power GMAX Flushing Technology
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Quiet Flush – perfect for ensuite bathrooms
  • High water efficiency


TOTO Drake – Best Powerful Toilet at an Incredible Price Point

Read on for our incredibly detailed walkthrough of the Drake Toilet by TOTO, and check out some of our other reviews to ensure you know all there is to know before purchasing your next toilet system.


In the industry for over 100 years, TOTO has a wealth of experience when it comes to creating beautiful yet functional pieces for your bathroom – the Drake is by no means an exception to that rule.

The Drake comes in a sleek, high-profile design which makes cleaning a breeze and something that can be completed in just a few minutes. This particular model comes in various colours, including a glossy cotton white for the ultimate fresh and clean feel.

The elongated bowl makes a practical and functional addition to any bathroom, and as it as at a comfortable height, standing up and sitting down is easy. Because of this, it’s especially useful for homes where residents may have mobility issues, where standard toilets may fall short.

The Drake is a two-piece model, meaning the tank and bowl come separately. This makes transportation and installation much more manageable.

At the heart of all their designs, TOTO places people first. So much so that their core brand promise is “people-first innovation”, meaning their customer is at the hard of every single item they produce.

The TOTO Drake Toilet

Technical Details

Manufacturer TOTO
Item Weight 69.6 pounds
Product Dimensions28 x 19.5 x 30.5 inches
Item model numberCST744S#01
Size12 Inch
MaterialVitreous China
Power SourceCorded-electric
Installation MethodFloor
Water Consumption1.6 GPF
Flush TypePower Flush Toilets
Included ComponentsToilet Bowl, Toilet Tank



The TOTO Drake is made from high-quality vitreous china. Vitreous china is a glaze applied to ceramics which make the underlying material much denser, harder wearing and shiny.

As the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, the toilet must remain a reliable piece of equipment due to its regular use. The high-quality coating on the bathroom facilitates this by increasing its durability, and appropriate for many years of use.

The vitreous china prevents stubborn stains or odours from building up and also increases the hygienic properties of the toilet, creating an exquisite feature for your bathroom.


We love TOTO toilets for their sleek and contemporary aesthetics which make them incredibly versatile and suitable for all different kinds of bathrooms. Available in a wide array of colors, you are certain to find something that will fit in with your existing décor.


TOTO Drake – ColoursAt the time of writing, the Drake comes in 5 different colorways, each suitable for a different bathroom environment, depending on the aesthetic you are aiming for.

  • Bone is an off-white, almost creamy colour. We like this choice for traditional, chic-themed bathrooms.
  • Colonial White is a more neutral, caramel white, less creamy than bone but equally as elegant.
  • Cotton white, TOTOs best seller is a popular choice for a reason. Coming in a stunningly glossy finish, this is a real centrepiece for most bathrooms. A very versatile option, especially for the contemporary home.
  • Ebony (or black) is a very bold choice that customers should think about carefully. It’s a tough colour to pull off, but if done correctly can be a stunning addition to your bathroom.
  • Sedona Beige is a stoney colour, a little lighter than bone. It has a hint of yellow, which makes it an excellent choice for similar coloured rooms.


The Drake comes with TOTOs famous GMAX Flush Technology. The Drake has a flush valve that is 125% larger than most other models on the market. What this means is that water passes through at a much quicker rate, creating a very powerful flush indeed. As a result, blockages and clogs in the system are vastly reduced for truly fuss-free use.

The toilet also comes with an extra-large, fully glazed trapway which was precisely designed using the latest of technology. The increased width and the non-stick trapway reduces the risk of blockages.

The patented GMAX siphon jet helps clear the toilet bowl quickly and efficiently by pulling the water through at rapid speed.

Although powerful, the GMAX flush technology is incredibly quiet, making it the perfect choice for ensuite bathrooms, reducing the risk of disturbing others while sleeping.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Many of the added features in the TOTO Drake make maintenance and cleaning a simple task.

We have already discussed the benefits of the vitreous china glaze and the powerful flushing system, both which work in conjunction to create a toilet that requires incredible low amount of maintenance.

Two-piece toilets can sometimes get a bad reputation due to the fact they are slightly harder to clean. In our opinion, with a regular cleaning schedule, this shouldn’t cause any significant issues, especially if installing in a home where use will be less frequent than say, a busy office environment.

Given the popularity of TOTO toilets, and this model, in particular, finding spare parts is both easy and affordable, if your bathroom does ever require professional maintenance. Due to the relatively straightforward mechanics in place in this system, it’s also possible to find detailed and informative videos on youtube if you want to have a go at fixing yourself.

Water Efficiency

Despite being incredibly powerful, the Drake is remarkably efficient when it comes to water consumption.

The Drake uses just 1.6 gallons per flush which means it is not the lowest on the market. If water consumption is a priority for you, this may not be the best model. Still, for many, 1.6 gallons is a reduction from their existing model and when reviewed alongside the power, is a solid choice for most households.

One disadvantage of this model is that it doesn’t come with dual flush capability. A dual flush system allows you to select your flush volume to further reduce water consumption.

The GMAX flushing system, powerful siphon valve and glossy coating all means the policy can function perfectly well with reduced water consumption.

Ease of Installation

TOTO Drake – Ease of InstallationThis may not be a concern to you if you plan to have a professional come into your home to install your new toilet. We would always recommend the use of a plumber when installing your new bathroom to limit the risk of any damaging leaks. Depending on where you are located, the cost should be less than $300.

Still, if you plan to install the system yourself, provided you know a little about plumbing you should be able to do so with relative ease in just a few hours. The toilet comes with everything you need to install yourself at home, but one thing to note is that it doesn’t come with a toilet seat. We recommend adding a soft close toilet seat when picking up this model.

Before purchasing, make sure you have an idea of the ‘rough-in’ measurements to prevent any difficulty, especially when replacing an existing toilet. It’s much easier to replace systems on a like for like basis, to ensure all current plumbing lines up. By doing so, you can literally slot the new toilet into place.

If planning to do some DIY, we would recommend following along a youtube tutorial to make things much more straightforward.


Incredibly well made and hard-wearing, the Drake is guaranteed to last for a long, long time. An additional benefit of the vitreous china glaze is that it makes the bowl scratch-resistant and guaranteed to be looking as good as new for many years to come.

Provided it is maintained well, we feel you will have no trouble getting 10+ years of use out of this model.


Toto provides a one-year manufacturers warranty with all their items. Toilets themselves are very reliable and rarely malfunction. Any internal parts that may break can be replaced quite quickly with ease, and most of the time, this can be done without the help of a professional.

Although some manufacturers do offer a longer warranty, we think that one year is more than enough for this model.


The Drake is incredibly well priced given its performance, it’s no wonder that this is one of the best selling toilets on the American Market.

While it’s true you can spend much more on a system, the TOTO is the perfect blend of style and functionality. It is a no brainer if you’re looking for an inexpensive option for your bathroom.


SummaryThe TOTO Drake has long been a favourite with customers across America and the world. We are confident that if you invest in the Drake, you will be more than satisfied.

If you haven’t quite yet made up your mind, why not check out some of our other reviews before making your final choice.

  • Eco-friendly system
  • Powerful GMAX Flush technology
  • Comfortable seating height – great for mobility issues
  • Very reasonable price
  • Seat needs to be purchased separately
  • 2-piece system which can make cleaning a little trickier
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