How to Install a TOTO Toilet – 2022 Guide

Are you thinking of upgrading your bathroom but have no idea how to install a TOTO toilet? If so, follow our step-by-step installation guide below.

TOTO toilets are equipped with modern features you’re sure to love. For instance, it offers heated seats, an air-purifier system, a bidet cleansing feature, and a dryer eliminating the need for toilet paper.

Steps on How to Install a TOTO ToiletAdditionally, with TOTO toilets, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to close the lid, since the majority of TOTO models come with a self-closing seat system.

Before you decide which model of TOTO toilet to install in your bathroom, you may want to consider features like the flushing system, water consumption, and configuration alternatives.

TOTO toilet brand manufactures several models of toilets that fit almost any bathroom design. They produce both one and two-piece models and several environmentally-friendly low-flush models.

NOTE: Some TOTO toilet models have a special PVC outlet pipe that must be fitted before installing the toilet.

TOTO toilets are typically installed in traditional homes, high-end hotels, restaurants, airports, stadiums, and many other buildings.

What’s Required to Install a TOTO Toilet?

What’s Required to Install a TOTO Toilet

  • TOTO toilet
  • Wrench
  • Plumbing tape
  • Power drill and bit
  • Measuring tape
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Caulk
  • Wax ring
  • Screwdriver
  • Plumber s level

Steps for Installing a TOTO Toilet

TIP: The installer should read the owner’s manual to prevent possible damage to the toilet.

Steps for Installing a TOTO Toilet - First Step

First Step

Ensure no debris remains on the closet-flange (a round, ring-like material made from either plastic or metal surrounding the drain surface).

  • After clearing the debris, insert the mounting bolts to immediately and correctly secure the toilet.
  • Position the front side of each bolt inside the flange and ensure each bolt’s thread faces upward.

Second Step

Flip the TOTO toilet bowl upside down. Set the toilet on a soft surface to prevent damage.

  • Place the wax-ring onto the lowest part of the toilet bowl and turn the bowl upright.
  • Align the mounting bolts with the existing holes on the lowest part of the toilet bowl.
  • After correctly positioning the toilet, push it down to properly seal the space between the flange and wax-ring.
  • Place each nut onto each bolt thread and prepare to mount them on the bolts.
  • Ensure all nuts are uniformly tightened (as you would when changing a car tire).
CAUTION! Avoid excessively tightening the bolts to prevent damage to the toilet bowl.

Steps on How to Install a TOTO Toilet - Third Step

Third Step

Rotate the toilet tank side to side to ensure all nuts and gaskets have been securely and correctly fitted, particularly the tank onto the dish gasket.

  • Next, install the toilet tank onto the dish gasket, then insert your bolts.
  • Position a rubber washer between the lowest part of your tank and the front side of the bolt.
  • After securing both bolts into the tank, install the tank onto the toilet bowl.
  • Ensure all bolts are correctly aligned with the holes on the toilet bowl.
  • Begin by hand-tightening each bolt onto the lowest part of the toilet bowl and use a wrench to securely tighten.

Fourth Step

Attach the water intake and outlet for your TOTO toilet (you may use any available system but ensure it fits your toilet model).

  • While connecting the water supply, ensure you position the nut threads at the bottom-most part of your tank where the ballcock is located. Carefully hand-tighten as using a wrench may damage or break the plastic ballcock.
  • Open your toilet’s water supply tap and fill the tank.
CAUTION! To avoid water or odor leakage, ensure the wax seal is securely fitted.

Steps on How to Install a TOTO Toilet - Fifth Step

Fifth Step

Install your TOTO toilet tank lid.
After following each, if you don’t detect any leakage, set the tank cover on top of the tank. Now you’re ready to install the toilet seat.

  • Ensure the toilet seat securely fits your toilet bowl.
  • Fix the bolts onto the holes in the toilet bowl.
  • Hand-tighten each nut placed onto the lowest part of the seat and use a wrench or screwdriver if necessary to securely fasten.
NOTE: Tighten the seat-bolts until the hinge is secured. Your TOTO toilet seat and lid may have a slight side-side motion. This is normal.

Standard Precautions

  1. Avoid pushing or kicking the toilet to prevent damage.
  2. Avoid dropping any hard objects into the toilet as this may cause leakage.
  3. Avoid cleaning the toilet with strong detergents that may cause damage.
  4. Avoid using hot water on a cold toilet to prevent damage.

Also, avoid adding cold water to the toilet tank. This may cause condensation, especially in cold weather.
If cracking occurs, avoid using the toilet as this may result in serious injury. Instead, repair it or install a new one.


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