How to Clean TOTO Toilet – 2022 Guide

How to Clean TOTO ToiletsBathrooms and toilets must be frequently cleaned to maintain hygiene in the home.

If you’re satisfied with your cleaning methods and your bathroom and toilet take little time to maintain, you’re already doing it correctly. However, if cleaning toilets isn’t your favorite task, you’ll soon notice that it’s not as sparkling as you’d like. Why?

Ideally, it’s all down to the cleaning products you use.

If you’re wondering how to easily and safely clean your TOTO toilet, follow the brief guide below for tips on how to get your toilet sparkling clean.

The TOTO toilet

TOTO is one of the many toilet brands in the market known for its cool style. However, what stands out about this toilet is how easy it is to clean. Take note of the following points before you choose your cleaning products:

  • The Toto toilet (bowl) is made of vitreous china
  • The seat lid/cover is plastic
  • Some toilets have a special glazed finish

Cleaning these surfaces is essentially the same. You only need to use slightly different cleaning materials. This is covered in the Do’s and Don’ts at the end of this brief guide.

Toilet cleaning products

To clean a Toto toilet, ensure you use genuine or quality toilet cleaning products. If you skimp on quality products, you won’t achieve the results you want.

Worse, using the wrong products could be hazardous.

How to Clean TOTO Toilets - Toilet cleaning productsBelow are the recommended products:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Apron
  • Recommended toilet cleaners (non-abrasive is okay)
  • Toilet brush
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Sponge
  • Warm water
  • Towel or rag
  • Sponge


Cleaning steps

Follow the following steps to get a sparkling clean toilet:

Step 1

Put on the apron and gloves. Make sure you work in a well-ventilated area.

Step 2

Apply the toilet cleaner inside the bowl.

Point the container nozzle upward into the toilet rim. Squeeze to release the cleaner and distribute evenly to cover the surface. The cleaner will steam down the bowl and into the water.

Step 3

Leave the bathroom for about 10-15 minutes to allow the cleaner to sit. Make sure you close the door and tell others not to use the bathroom.

This is important because cleaners release harmful fumes or strong odors.

Leaving the cleaning agent to settle on toilet surfaces allows the chemicals to work on stains and germs.

Step 4

How to Clean TOTO Toilets - Cleaning steps Keeping your gloves and apron on, take your toilet brush and methodically scrub the sides of the toilet bowl first. Next, clean beneath and the top of the rim, and finish by scouring the base holding the water.

After thoroughly cleaning every part of the bowl, close the lid and flush. This will rinse the bowl. If the toilet needs another rinse, flush once the water tank fills.

Make sure you leave the door open to ventilate the bathroom.

Step 5

The next step is to clean the toilet seat, lid, and the outer surface.

Take the sponge and dip in warm water. Apply the antibacterial soap to the wet sponge and use it to wipe clean the above surfaces. Clean both sides of the seat.

Ensure you scrub near the base with a hard-bristled brush to clean any remaining residue. For the lid, wipe with sufficient antibacterial soap and rinse thoroughly with water.

Step 6

Use a towel or a clean rag to dry the surfaces. Now you should have a sparkling clean TOTO toilet.

How To Clean A TOTO Washlet/Toilet?

DO’s and DONTs of cleaning a TOTO toilet

If your toilet is glazed, there are do’s and don’ts to observe. To protect your TOTO toilet during cleaning, keep the following in mind:

  • Use mild detergents that won’t harm the glazing
  • Clean the toilet with gel-based cleaners
  • Use a plastic brush with soft bristles
  • Detergents or other cleaners containing hard granules
  • Acid-based cleaners, including bleach
  • Scrub toilet surfaces with steel wool or hard brushes
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