How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet?

The idea of having a TV lift cabinet to compliment your living room aesthetics is certainly not a bad one. However, if paying to install it in your home is over your budget, you can build yours!

When it comes to the question of how to build your TV lift cabinet; it’s actually not difficult to construct one. You just need the right tools, follow the right process, and then you can have your TV set and media items housed in no time. If you’re unsure on where to begin, here is a simple guide to building a TV lift cabinet. 

Materials and Tools Required To Build A TV Lift Cabinet

How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet?

Materials Needed

  1. One- 4’x8′ x 1/4″ plywood sheet 
  2. Seven 2″x4″ x 8′ wood. 
  3. 4- 5/8″ square dowels
  4. Rear Mount TV Lift  
  5. 1.25″ screws 
  6. Wood glue 
  7. Legs (if desired)
  8. Two packs of Hardwood 
  9.  lid (497 per pack x 2)
  10. 220-grit sandpaper 

Tools Needed 

  1. Drill
  2. Nail gun
  3. Circular saw with track
  4. Electric screwdriver
  5. Hand saw with a miter box
  6. Kreg K4 
  7. Shelf pin jig
  8. 1.25″ paddle bit
  9. Electric sander
  10. Concealed hinge jig
  11. Circular Saw

Step-by-Step Guide to Building a TV Lift Cabinet 

How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet?


Before building, ensure that the tools and materials listed above are readily available. Also, ensure that the wood you’re using is of high quality; oak or maple wood can best serve this purpose. Then take measurements of your TV and where you intend to place the cabinet and ensure it matches the length of the materials you intend to use.

Step 1 – Cut the Woods According To Shape & Sizes

Although you can cut them in the process, it’s best to cut and prepare the wood before assembly. Use the circular saw with a track for this purpose. Cut the sides, back, top, and bottom accordingly.

Start by cutting four pieces of the 2″x4″ in 47.5 inches. Then cut two pieces of the plywood in 47.5″x 12. Also, cut four pieces of the 2″x4″  in 9 inches and eight pieces of the 2″x4″ in 28 inches.

Your measurements must be by the dimension of your TV set or the cabinet size you intend to make.

Step 2 – Screw The Pieces Together

Screw all the cut pieces of wood using the 1.25″ screws. Then place the center of the two pieces of 2″x4″ on the 21″ centers from the corners to fit the tabs on the side of the Lift Mechanism. With this, you can screw the TV Lift onto these two pieces of wood once the frame is constructed.

Then screw on the plywood base. The base is used to mount the TV Lift system and hold the wiring and controllers for the lift. Another option is to install wheels. Your electric screwdriver will help make this process easier.

Step 3 – Create a Hole for Cords

Make a small hole on the back of the TV stand for the cords to pass through. Use the 1.25″ paddle bit to produce a round hole. You can also use a hacksaw to design a rectangular hole.

Step 4 – Install The TV Lift

How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet?

Before installing the TV lift, ensure that the frame is properly installed. Aside from being easy to connect, this lift allows you to tuck away your TV for a more elegant look. Besides, the unit comes with a roller top fixture and programmable memory, enabling it to stop the mount’s extension to the point you want it every time.

Follow the mounting instructions as provided in the product description. Just ensure that you make the best decision as to how high the TV lift should be before drilling into your cabinet. You can determine this by knowing the perfect fit of the length of your TV to your roof.

Step 5 – Sand the Cabinet Frame For Easy Siding

If the wood isn’t already sanded, sand the pieces until they are smooth. Ensure they’re dry, clean, and smooth; this will help in priming or painting. You can use your electric sander to make this process easier and faster.

Step 6 – Add Wheels or Legs To Your Cabinet

You can either insert legs or wheels into your cabinet. While legs enable the cabinet to stand firm, wheels allow for mobility. To do this, flip the stand upside down. Then, simply screw the legs or wheels to the four corners of the cabinet. 

Step 7 – Install The Doors 

Adding doors to your TV lift cabinet is optional – so you can skip this part if you don’t need it. 

Use your concealed hinge jig for this purpose. Drill holes before screwing the hinges onto the door. Then, use the screws to attach the hinges to the doors. Remember to mark and pre-drill where you want to connect the hinges to the TV stand. 

Step 8- Insert The Lid

How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet?

Grab four inside corner brackets and join them to the cabinet and top. Ensure that the top aligns with the cabinet on the front and sides when installing. Then pre-drill the holes and screw them in the top using the screws to attach to the TV stand. 

Step 9 – Place Your TV Inside

You can now attach your TV to the TV lift. Once attached, check if your work is well done. If not, make the necessary corrections to enjoy your newly built Tv lift cabinet!


If your TV stands on a surface like a cabinet, there’s always a great risk of it falling and damaging. So, motorized TV lifts are necessary to prevent such situations. Besides, you can easily access and hide your secured TV with a simple push of a button. The technology is built for convenience and beautification

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