4 Best Storage Shelves For Your Bathroom 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Not everyone has the luxury to afford a bog bathroom with cabinets. Therefore, they need to adjust everything in that tiny space. However, they also need to make the best use of available space so that the bathroom does not look congested. One of the ways of doing so is through storage shelves. They are easily available in the market and are convenient to use.

In addition to this, usually, shelves do not cost much and are replaceable. So you can use one for some time and when it starts showing some problems, which they do not (at least for a few years), you can change them. Even if there are no problems, you can change them if you find something more attractive (shelves don’t mind!).

But wait,

Shelves are of various types, which one will you choose? Let us help you out through that. Here is a list of some of the best bathroom shelves that you can use.

1. VNKZI stainless steel shower caddy basket

VNKZI stainless steel shower caddy basket

4 Best Storage Shelves For Your Bathroom 2022 - Review and Buying Guide

The first one on our list is these caddy basket shelves for your bathroom. You will get two shelves. One of which will have space to place heavy bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. The other one has 4 points for hanging things and a soap dish. So you can place your soap in it and hang things like a scrubber or anything that needs a hook. It will allow you to organize your bathing accessories.

Another good thing about these shelves is that they are wall-mounted. So you won’t need a stand or drilling machine to ruin your bathroom. Simply remove the paper from the adhesive tape and stick the shelves to the wall. Make sure that the wall is dry before you put it against it. Otherwise, it won’t stick properly.

In addition to this, the floating design will let you have more space in the bathroom. You do not have to place a table or anything like that. Juts this shelve on the wall. The material is stainless steel therefore, you might think that it will start rusting. But no, the material is stainless steel but it is made rust-proof. Therefore, it will remain intact for a long period of time.

2. Zenna home, rustproof over-the-shower caddy

Zenna home, rustproof over-the-shower caddy

4 Best Storage Shelves For Your Bathroom 2022 - Review and Buying Guide

The next one on our list is this rustproof over-the-shower storage shelf. Why over-the-shower? Because it has a design that will fit on the top of your shower. So if your shower room is separate and is very small and you do not have enough space to use the wall for storage, you can use this instead. The hook will go on top of the shower pipe and you will fix it with the help of a hex key. It is included in the package, so you won’t need to buy it separately.

In addition to this, these shelves have more space. Therefore, are two shelves for keeping bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash. You can place your body scrub or dry brush on the top shelf. The rest of the bottles can adjust on the second shelf. And then there is a soap dish on the third shelf along with two hooks on the sides. So if you have something to hang, you can hang them. Want to place your soap, you can do so.

And guess what? The whole design is wired and made of aluminum. The wired design allows the things to remain dry by dripping off the excessive water. Furthermore, if you doubt that the wired design won’t ’e durable, this is not the case here. Because the shelves are made from aluminum. So there won’t be any rusting or breakage.

3. Zenna home showerhead caddy

Zenna home showerhead caddy

4 Best Storage Shelves For Your Bathroom 2022 - Review and Buying Guide

This one is again from Zenna home and looks like they have found the best thing for smaller bathrooms. So this caddy also has a showerhead design. All you need to do is to place it on the top of your shower pipe. You will get two shelves in this design. So it is for those who do not need a soap dish. Furthermore, the shelves are enough to place two to three bottles depending on the size of the bottle.

And of course, you will get two hooks to hang the things you need to. So you can keep your hanging accessories to use while showering. Furthermore, it has a wired design so it will keep things dry. You do not have to worry about water getting on the shelves. It will eventually drip off.

One more thing, you might worry about the weight of your bottles. Yes, larger bottles are heavier and if you fill the shelves completely, there is no doubt that the caddy might slip off. So what can you do in that case? There is a simple, easy and cheap solution for that too. You can buy a hose clamp. It will prevent any slipping and tripping. Moreover, it does not cost much.

4. LYNNC 3 in 1 rustic floating shelves

LYNNC 3 in 1 rustic floating shelves

4 Best Storage Shelves For Your Bathroom 2022 - Review and Buying Guide

Space is not the problem for all. So if you want to buy something that goes well with the décor of your bathroom and does not look cheap, these storage shelves from LYNNC are for you. It comes with a set of three, so you will have enough space to put all your bathroom accessories in one place.

First of all, the design is extremely simple yet elegant. The shelves are made from eco-friendly wood. So you will get the needed support and stability for your things. Furthermore, the wood is damp-proof so that bathroom moisture won’t ruin it.

However, you will still need to keep it dry. So the best place for it is not the shower room but somewhere else. You can place it somewhere higher and around the washbasin. So you can even place your hair dryer and straightener on one of the shelves.

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