8 Best American Standard Toilets 2022 – Buying Guide & Review

In many homes, the commodes predate the tenants. While you may not see the need to upgrade your washroom furnishings, there are some significant benefits to buying a new waste receptacle.

Replacing that ancient porcelain throne in your home may help you increase you and your loved ones’ water savings and comfort. We’ve brought you five of our favorite American Standard Toilets as well as some helpful buying tips.

What Is The Best American Standard Toilet to Buy?


American Standard H2Optimum Siphonic - Best American Standard Toilet (table)


1. American Standard H2Optimum Siphonic

Best American Standard Toilet

  • Long-lasting vitreous china
  • Meets WaterSense stringent regulations
  • Uses 1.1 gallons per flush
  • Elongated bowl

American Standard Champion 4 - Best Ono-Piece Toilet (table)


2. American Standard Champion 4

Best Ono-Piece Toilet

  • Modern one-piece construction
  • Meets WaterSense requirements
  • Uses 1.6 gallons per cleanse
  • Includes a slow-close seat

American Standard Cadet - Best Pressure-Assisted Toilet (table)

3. American Standard Cadet

Best Pressure-Assisted Toilet

  • One-piece with crown molding
  • A skirted trap is easy to clean
  • Meets WaterSense requirements
  • Inspired by the Art Deco era

American Standard Town Square S - Easiest to Clean Toilet (table)

4. American Standard Town Square S

Easiest to Clean Toilet

  • Pressure-assisted siphon
  • An enlarged trap prevents clogs
  • Meets WaterSense requirements
  • Elongated seat increases comfort

American Standard Edgemere - Best Round Bowl Toilet(table)

5. American Standard Edgemere

Best Round Bowl Toilet

  • 10-inch rough-in
  • Meets WaterSense requirements
  • Power Wash rim
  • Modern two-piece design


1. American Standard H2Optimum Siphonic – Best American Standard Toilet (Editor’s Choice)

The American Standard H2Optimum Siphonic will help you to keep your washroom sparkly clean while reducing your water consumption.

This robust toilet uses a mere 1.1 gallons to fresh up the rim and bowl. Still, the powerful jet-fed siphon removes unsightly and unsanitary splashes of waste with elevated efficiency.

This receptacle is made from high-quality porcelain and boasts a chrome-coated trip lever on the left-hand side. The water surface is quite large.

However, the trap is your standard 2-inch drainage pipe. Most users said that the Siphonic helped them avert most clogs. We do love the look of this pot’s rounded front and semi-enclosed drain pipeline.

The toilet has a familiar look, with an overhanging lid and fluid contours. We found the receptacle to be an easy clean. There were very few corners and cracks for dirt to accumulate. The glazed surface seems to resist the buildup of mold, bacteria, and mildew.

Overall, this is an excellent commode for small loos. As a Right Height product, the lid is just 15 inches high. We found the plumbing and installation process to be rather simple. It helps that it comes in two pieces.

Toilets: H2Option Dual Flush Right Height Elongated Toilet by American Standard - New

  • Made from vitreous china
  • Elongated bowl with direct jet for cleaning
  • Chrome-coated lever
  • Meets EPA’s WaterSense requirements
  • Flush rate of 1.1 gallons
  • Does not include seat

2. American Standard Champion 4 – Best One-Piece Toilet (People’s Choice)

If your absolutely over your plunger, stick with the one-piece Champion 4. This AS receptacle features mostly flat exterior surfaces. As a result, it is super easy to clean.

Even though its bowl is on the smaller side, it manages to eliminate waste like a pro. The 1.6-gallon siphon is quick and quiet. If you have a serial clogger in the house, it won’t take long for you to register the benefits of your new loo.

We love that this bowl comes with a slow-close seat. Who wants to tack on an extra shopping trip? Right Height means the seat is a few inches taller than a conventional commode.

At 17.8 inches, you will not have to suffer through deep squats. According to the manufacture, this toilet boasts a linen coating. You’d be hard-pressed to see the difference between this white and another.

The seat is elongated. That’s a bonus for users who are looking for enhanced comfort. With a 1.6-gallon cleansing cycle requirement, the Champion also meets the EPA’s strict WaterSense requirements.

Overall, we’re grateful that AS developed such a space- and water-saving waste receptacle. We’re not sure if it is the precision jets or the extra height, but the Champion eliminates the potential for clogs. It also features a versatile design, making it a possible pairing for preexisting washroom elements and complete renovations.

  • Uses just 1.6 gallons per cleanse
  • A flawless one-piece design
  • Water siphon and jets get things moving right along
  • Includes a slow-close toilet seat
  • Elongated seat for enhanced user comfort
  • Water surface is somewhat small

3. American Standard Cadet – Best Pressure-Assisted Toilet

The Cadet is a commercial-grade commode with pressure-assisted flushing. It uses a powerful gravity-fed siphon and water jets to eliminate even the largest messes. On the outside, this two-piece toilet doesn’t look like anything special. Its simple design helps it fall right into place alongside preexisting bathroom elements.

We were really happy with the Speed Connection. It was easy to combine the water reservoir and bowl and even easier to plumb this restroom essential. The 1.6-gallon flushing function falls within the EPA’s strict WaterSense requirements. The additional height makes this receptacle a superb selection for home and business owners who are seeking to accommodate a wide range of users.

Customers around the country are ditching their plungers after investing in the Cadet. This commode will make your daily ritual more comfortable and less messy. It may even help you reduce your water bill. Overall, this is a great option for homes with sluggish plumbing. Unfortunately, it does not come with a seat.

How to Install the Cadet 3 Toilet by American Standard

  • Pressure-assisted siphon eliminates nearly 100% of clogs
  • Enhanced height for user comfort and safety
  • Uses just 1.6 gallons for cleansing
  • Fully glazed 2 1/8-inch trap
  • Two-piece construction is engineered to come together quickly
  • Standard white exterior
  • Tank components do not outperform that of other pressure-assisted toilets

4. American Standard Town Square S – Easiest to Clean Toilet

Wow! It’s hard to look past the Town Squares stoic crown molding details. You’ll pay a little more for this gorgeous piece. Still, the easy-to-clean surfaces and unique details are worth every penny.

Town Square’s value isn’t all on the surface. Its low water consumption allows it to meet the EPA’s WaterSense requisites.

The seat stands at 16 ½ inches. It has an elongated bowl with plenty of water surface. The entire thing weighs just over 115 pounds. As such, it’s not very difficult to handle.

The commode is made from lifetime-guaranteed vitreous china. The trap is entirely out of sight thanks to a floor-to-seat skirt. The seat is 16 ½ inches from the floor.

Ever Clean-enhanced sealant prevents the surface of the bowl from becoming overrun by stains, mold, and bacteria.

We love everything about this vintage-inspired toilet. Thanks to its low water consumption, it trumps era originals. The Power Wash rim ensures that unsightly buildup doesn’t find its place on the bowl’s surface. The powerful flush eliminates bulky waste and paper with laudable efficiency.

Overall, this lovely commode may fall outside of some homeowner’s budgets. Still, it’s worth a look if you’re trying to make the most out of a vintage bathroom. The skirted one-piece construction is also a win for those who do the home cleaning.

  • Gorgeous crown molding details and a skirted one-piece design
  • Inspired by the Art Deco era
  • Chrome-coated left-hand trip lever
  • Meets EPA’s strict WaterSense regulations
  • Lifetime warranty covers the vitreous china
  • Pricey (then again, how often do you replace your toilet?)

5. American Standard Edgemere – Best Round Bowl Toilet

Some washrooms simply don’t offer enough space for bulky elongated toilets. That’s why we are happy to share the space-saving Edgemere. This commode has a 1-i0-inch rough-in and a round bowl.

As such, we believe it is an excellent option for older homes. The toilet complies with the EPA’s WaterSense regulations. The mechanical parts and china are both covered by five-year warranties.

This is a high-efficiency toilet with a powerful cleansing cycle. The water jets from the over-sized tank valve. It generates a speedy siphon. You’ll spend less time plunging your bowl. The 8-by-9-inch water surface gives you plenty of fallout coverage.

No elimination is too big for this petite yet performance-minded receptacle. The kit includes several installation essentials as well as a stock seat. You may want to upgrade this element.

Overall, we see this as a superb option for older homes. Its two-piece construction comes together easily. You do not have to be an experienced plumber to take your residential bathroom into the 21st century.

How to Install the Edgemere Toilet from American Standard

  • 10-inch rough-in meets the requirement for most older homes
  • Uses just 1.28 gallons per cleanse
  • Meets EPA’s strict WaterSense regulations
  • Power Wash rim eliminates unsightly buildup
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Oversized 3-inch flush valve
  • Included seat is not exceptionally comfortable

How to Choose Best American Standard Toilet in 2022 – Buying Guide

We don’t exactly spend a lot of time admiring toilets. As a result, we often fail lost when it comes time to purchase a new one. Are there elements that set these porcelain plumbing features apart from one another? Indeed. Let’s explore some of the key features to look for when specifically shopping for Standard’s offerings.

Size and Shape

How to Choose Best American Standard Toilet in 2020 – Size and ShapeAs offers a vast collection of residential and commercial toilets. The offerings include everything from conventional-height to chair-height loos.

For the record, the latter is referred to as Right Height toilets. There are round and elongated models in both height classifications. Therefore, there’s no need to sacrifice one comfort for another.

They also offer a wide range of silhouettes. Customers can choose between classic, conventional, and modern constructions.

The company’s large design profile is highlighted by some of their bolder concepts, such as crown molding, sleek skirts, and overhanging tank lids. Naturally, their collection includes a variety of space-saving options.


American Standard has been lauded as one of the more progressive toilet manufactures. Over the years, they have produced several innovative commode technologies.

For example, their EverClean Surface coating helps keep bowls clean. Speed-Connect is also one of its more popular technologies. It enables homeowners and plumbers to save time when hooking up new toilets.

One-Piece or Two-Piece

How to Choose Best American Standard Toilet in 2020 – One-Piece or Two-PieceHow do you choose between different toilet configurations? Does it even matter?

One-piece offerings are typically easier to clean. The elements are all molded together to create a seamless surface.

There are no icky corners or crevices for grime gather. On the other hand, two-piece offerings are easier to lift and maneuver.

If your thinking about redoing an upstairs bathroom, this might be a more logical option.


Don’t forget to check a toilet’s rough-in measurement. Rough-in is the distance between the drainpipe and the wall. In new homes, rough-ins are usually 12 inches. However, the toilets in older homes are usually no more than 10 inches from the wall.

Since residential lavatories are some of the tiniest rooms in most houses and apartments, it is important to account for every inch of floor footage. This will make your installation easier and your final product worthwhile. Never include the baseboard in your rough-in measurement.

When to Consider a Right Height Toilet

Chair-height receptacles are typically between 17 and 20 inches tall. The surplus height has the potential to improve the comfort of tall and mobility-challenged users.

On the other hand, standard-height toilets are usually 16 inches from the floor. Think about the comfort of your housemates when choosing between chair- and standard-height loos.

Flush Function

How to Choose Best American Standard Toilet in 2020 – Flush FunctionThis 140-year-old company American Standard continues to stand at the front of the pack in terms of innovative and water-conserving flush technologies. Many of their toilets meet the EPA’s strict WaterSense qualifications.

They also offer proprietary flushing technology. VorMax flushes better than most conventional flushing technologies while utilizing less water.

Another one of Standard’s offerings is the Champion 4 proprietary flushing technology. This system consists of an enlarged trap.

Their Cadet 3 flushing system also consists of an enlarged trap and a mighty siphon. If you’re constantly lunging for the plunger, these improved waste-removal systems may be worth a look.

Final Thoughts

Final ThoughtsWe hope you enjoyed our review of the top American Standard offerings. If we had to choose just one of these amazing name brand commodes, it would have to be the Siphonic.

This white china receptacle will take care of your waste for years to come. It’s a bit taller than your typical commode. As such, it’s a fine option for users with limited mobility.

The aesthetics and water consumption are also off the charts. Not to mention, its mighty flush will have you ditching your toilet brush and plunger for the foreseeable future.

Another one of Standard American’s premium offerings is the Champion. It has a sleek one-piece construction that meets all the EPA’s water usage regulations. These and many more Standard American products will help you improve the safety, comfort, and look of your home lavatory.

Have you had the chance to test an American Standard product? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. We also recommend reading the review of our rating top toilets.

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