American Standard H2Option 2022 Review – Pros & Cons

American Standard is a company that’s renowned for manufacturing bathroom and kitchen products for over 140 years. This review will focus on one popular model from their product range, the H2Option Dual Flush Toilets.

The company’s reputation for quality and customer service is reflected in its faucets, bathtubs, showers, and toilets.

If you’re looking for an affordable and quality toilet that conserves water, this featured model may be the one for you.

This article will highlight some key features of H2Option to help you make the best choice.


American Standard H2Option - Best Water Saving Toilet With Features (table)

American Standard H2Option

Best Water Saving Toilet With Features

  • Efficient dual-flush system
  • Optimal water savings (WaterSense certified)
  • EverClean Surface for easy cleaning
  • Easily installed
  • Siphon jet bowl technology for maximum performance
  • Uses only 0.95 gallons of water for every flush


American Standard H2Option – Best Water Saving Toilet With Features

American Standard has led the plumbing products industry in the country by offering its customers high-quality bathroom and kitchen solutions for over 140 years.

According to their official website, their products are used by three out of every five homes in the US, as well as several hotels and airports.

The New Jersey-based organization specializes in producing efficient wellness products for both residential and commercial customers.

In this review, we’ll be addressing the unique features of the H2Option toilet to help you determine if this is the right toilet for you.


The American Standard H2Option was designed to fit in any kind of bathroom. It’s equipped with a wide, round rim and elongated bowl to provide customers with maximum comfort.

The seat’s height is optimally placed to accommodate a wide range of users, which can be quite convenient.
The toilet has an ergonomic design providing support and the absence of holes and unsightly joints prone to collecting dust.

The surface of the H2Option toilet is branded with EverClean to prevent stains and odors from accumulating. The EverClean body also helps prolong the life of the toilet by preventing scratches and resisting spills.

Technical Details

Manufacturer American Standard
Item Weight 58 pounds
Product Dimensions15 x 27.75 x 30 inches
Item model number2889218.020
SizeNormal Height
StyleRound Front
MaterialVitreous China
Installation MethodFloor
Water Consumption0.92 GPF
Special FeaturesDual Flush
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty on chinaware.
Limited 5-year warranty on all mechanical parts


American Standard H2Option - AestheticsThe H2Option has a slim body that complements its round, sturdy bowl. The toilet’s slender design provides users a less restrictive feel.

As of the date of this article, the toilet is available only in white.

It’s equipped with a chrome-plated, top-mounted push-button actuator that enhances its simple style.

Flushing system

The American Standard H2Option offers a dual, gravity flush system that’s great for preventing clogs in the toilet.

To avoid stubborn stains and germs from adhering to the surface of the bowl, the toilet is equipped with siphon jet bowl technology that maximizes its economical water content.

It also has PowerWash rim that provides optimal UHET (Universal High-Efficiency Toilet) standard performance.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The H2Option toilet had a resilient surface that is relatively easy to maintain with regular cleaning. The absence of gaps and joint cuts, along with the few bolts used on the toilet, is designed to prevent the accumulation of dust and germs.


The American Standard is WaterSense certified, which means that it uses 20% less water than similar models. This makes H2Option superior to other toilets as it uses only 0.92 gallons per flush.

The toilet has a dual flush system that helps conserve water even more efficiently by reserving water for full flushes by using only a percentage of water for partial flushes.

H2Option achieves this by using two float valves.

One valve regulates the complete filling of the tank while the other controls the emptying and filling of the bowl filling for partial flushes.

Toilets: H2Option Dual Flush Right Height Elongated Toilet by American Standard - New

Durability and Warranty

American Standard H2Option - Durability and WarrantyThe H2Option comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the chinaware.

At the date of this article, American Standard also offers a 5-year warranty on the toilet’s mechanical parts.

The New Jersey-based organization is renowned for its dedication to high-quality material in the manufacture of its products.

This reflects in the durability of the H2Option toilet. The vitreous china is guaranteed to withstand scrapes and is stain-resistant.

Ease of Installation

The toilet is delivered in two sections that are easily assembled. Even if you decide to install the H2Option toilet yourself, it should be a relatively simple task.

It’s recommended that you use washers to cover the few bolts to resist rust. The H2Option comes with a downloadable installation manual in a step-by-step format.

Although it’s quite straightforward to fit each part, installation is easier with assistance.

Customer Reviews

American Standard H2Option - Customer ReviewsMany customers who purchased the H2Option toilet gave satisfactory ratings.

A few users commended the comfortable, round front bowl and ergonomic design, as well as the ease of installation. However, some customers complained that they weren’t notified that the toilet wouldn’t include a seat.

At the date of this review, a disclosure appears on the product’s sales page advising that a toilet seat isn’t included.

There were also comments about an unexpected clunking sound, that the toilet made during flushing, which is quite different from the traditional flushing sound.

Overall, customers gave H2Option a positive review, with only a few users complaining about what seemed to be a few delivery hiccups.


One commonly asked question concerning the H2Option toilet is whether it’s a universal size. It offers comfort to a wide range of sizes with its optimal combination of height and roundness.

Another question is how long it remains stain-free.

The EverClean toilet surface prevents stains for several months, meaning less cleaning and using fewer chemicals.


For a toilet equipped with so many unique features, the H2Option is quite an affordable option offering great quality at a great price.


SummaryThe American Standard H2Option toilet is worth checking out. With outstanding features like its ergonomic design, this toilet is an excellent choice for the whole family.

Its wide, round rim and elongated bowl to provide elegance and maximum comfort.

As far as functionality and water conservation goes, the H2Option is the best and most affordable toilet.

Make sure to check out the reviews of similar products to determine the best model to choose.

  • Water-conserving with a dual flush system and low water usage (O.95GPF)
  • Affordable pricing
  • User-friendly design with elongated round seats for optimal comfort
  • Easily installed
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Elegant design
  • It does not come with a toilet seat
  • Some customers experienced delivery issues
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5/52 ratings

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